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A Word from the Co-Owner

What do Marc-André Gendron and Nissan have in common? Are they both proactive? Do they affect peoples’ lives for the better? With a wide selection of Nissan models for all needs over the years, Nissan can easily be understood as a dynamic manufacturer, but the question remains: what do they have in common?

Marc André Gendron’s proactive style puts him at the forefront of a wave of change within the auto industry. With the completion of his schooling, he already wanted to have his own dealership, but he wanted to earn it. His first step was simple. He enrolled in Mechanical DEP (Vocational Diploma and he worked as a mechanic during the summer. The second step, however, was less conventional. He moved to Australia with his girlfriend to learn English. This step was fundamental in getting him to his next objective, which was to study in Toronto for three years in auto business administration.

In 2004, Marc-André Gendron was selected for the training program at the National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) in the United States, which was designed for future managers in the automotive industry. The course was for one week every two months during a span of 18 months. “It was a very rewarding experience. Applying everything we learned in a concrete way was very exciting.” Then, in 2007, he completed an MBA at the University of Sherbrooke, which was the culmination of his dream. With the completion of his studies, he hit a turning point in his life when he met with Daniel Beaucage. Marc-André Gengron enthusiastically joined the Beaucage group, and it’s in Granby that he chose to build on his childhood dream.

This is where we find out what he has in common with Nissan. Marc-André Gendron enjoys being in contact with everyone, employees and customers both. When he arrived to take the lead of Nissan Granby, he gathered his whole team to make sure they were able to work together as a unit. He always looks for the best in his employees, but according to him, his employees already are the best: “My employees are the ones who perform the miracles and magic. Each of my managers are a pillar that keeps their teams together.”

“I’m surrounded by superstars and it makes me look good. Apparently that’s the trick.” The other trick for Marc-André is that he realizes that life is more than just work. People have families, projects and dreams. Also, he believes in giving people the chance to work hard and achieve their goals.

As for the customers? “I love the people of Granby. They take the time to talk. I’m almost always on the floor because I’m here to talk. I’m here to help sell cars, but also to get to know my customers. I enjoy knowing what people think, what they do and even where they live. I want people to feel comfortable here.”

Marc-André Gendron

General Manager and Co-Owner